<transcy>3 steps to evaluate your workspace</transcy>

3 pasos para evaluar tu espacio de trabajo

The average adult spends up to 60% of their day sitting

This small blog invites you to evaluate the space in which you work or study, usually according to postural hygiene measures. Let's avoid long-term repercussions and chronic problems!

First step: evaluate your workspace

Take a few minutes and evaluate your entire workspace: chair, desk, height of the computer. Now, think about how that space makes you feel when doing your activities: comfortable? Does it cause you any discomfort? Do you feel pretty good?

That's right! This back or neck discomfort can worsen over time 😥 And it not only affects the productivity of what is being done, it can cause wear on the spine, affect balance and increase the risk of falls, among others, such as mentions Murga (2021) in his study of postural hygiene.

Second step: be aware

It is important that you take active breaks during the working day, hopefully every 2 or 3 hours of continuous work. This will allow you to give your body a break by being in the same position for a long time, and also: BE MORE PRODUCTIVE and FEEL BETTER 🙌🏻😆

Third step: make a decision

Now, you have evaluated your space and are more aware of the need for active pauses.

Don't have a suitable ergonomic chair? To know if you meet the requirements according to postural hygiene studies, observe the following necessary characteristics:

👉Adjustable chair height and backrest.
👉Wide seat surface to allow movement.
👉Seat slightly tilted forward (2 to 5 degrees).
👉 Swivel seat and mobile on wheels.
👉Base with 5 support points.
👉 Seat and back padding about 2.5 cm. (Fonseca, 2016)

We tell you that at Basic Seats we comply with all of them and we have a great variety of products according to your needs 😃

We hope that these 3 simple steps allow you to evaluate your workspace, and that you take action now!

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